Strengths and Limitations:

Letís first discuss your strengths. These include your artistry, your songs, arrangements, musicianship, and stage presence which combined constitute your war chest.

Now letís look at other things that may be limitations. Knowledge of microphone placement, determining the best edit points for a punch, which FX and processors will best bring out the magic of the song, and why that pedal effect worked fine at the last gig, but not so much now?? These and a myriad of other issues are all factors that contribute to the success or failure of a project.

I have on repeated occasions had performers explain that their instrument sounds best with this reverb or that mic and insist it be tracked that way. This of course might be very complimentary to their instrument, but doesnít necessarily have anything to do with the song. Make no mistake, itís about the song. Itís always about the song!

Generally itís a very good idea for you to focus on artistry, your songs, arrangements, musicianship, and stage presence, and let the studio / engineer / producer do their job.

If you recorded at FHPS, (friends home project studio) go ahead and mix it. Be sure to manage your expectations carefully at this point. If itís a demo of content and energy only, this may be fine. If, on the other hand, you find after repeated attempts, mixing seems to suck the life out of it, or only makes it worse, this too is a limitation. You canít expect to have the tools or knowledgebase of a pro that does this 52 weeks a year. If you require better, take it to a professional studio.

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